Items to Bring

Caravanning is fun, we all know this. But, without the right gear it can quickly turn nightmarish… bring the right stuff and make the most of it!

What Gear to Bring

Awning – Rollout or Removable??
Battery Charger and/or Solar Panel?
Battery in Caravan?
Buckets x 2??
Bushman’s Saw?
CB Radio?
Compressor (12V)?
Cord (strong)??
Cordless Drill??
D Shackles??
Door Lock (spare)??
Ducting Tape??
Fire Lighters??
Esky or Car Fridge??
First Aid Kit??
Folding Table and Chairs??
Friction Sway Control??
Fuel Container (minimum 10 litres)?
Gloves (suitable for hitch up)??
Gas BBQ?
Gas Bottle (spare)?
Gas Lantern & Mantles or 12V Light?
Globes and Fuses (12V and 240V)??
Groundsheet (for under van inspection)??
“Help” Sign?
Hitch Pin Lock??
Hose Clamps (assorted sizes)?
Hose (mains pressure drinking quality/food grade)??
Hose Connectors and Tap Fittings??
Insulation Tape??
Insurance Details??
Jack Feet or Blocks of Wood??
Jack to Suit Caravan??
Jumper Leads?
Keys (spare)??
Level Ride Safety Clips (spare)??
Level Rides??
:Level Wedge(s)??
Lock for Coupling??
Matches (long)??
Octopus Straps of Various Lengths??
Outdoor Floor Matting??
Pinch Bar?
Pliers: Cutting, Flat & Pointed?
Pop Riveter & Rivets?
Power Lead, 10 metres??
Power Lead, extra 10 metres?
Rake (small, for clearing sites)??
Road Atlas (less than 2 years old)??
Rope (10 metres light and medium)?
Screwdriver: Blade and Phillips??
Screws (assorted)?
Shifter, 8″??
Silicon Lubricant Spray?
Silicone Sealant and Dispenser?
Spanner to suit Towball??
Spare wheel #1??
Spare wheel #2?
Spirit Level??
Spring (spare)?
Sullage Hose??
Tent Pegs (spare)??
Torch and Spare Battery??
Tow Rope?
Towing Mirrors??
Towing Mirror Spares (Straps, Head etc)?
“U” Bolts, fish plates and nuts (spare)?
Water Container (minimum 5 litres)??
WD 40, CRC or INOX??
Wheel Bearing Set?
Wheel Brace and Extension Handle??
Wheel Chocks x 2??
Wheel Nuts & Studs (spares)?
Wheel Nut Adaptor to suit Wheel Brace??
Wire (light gauge)?