Caravan Insurance Repairs

Approved Repairer for All Types of Repairs

Our 4 Step Process:

1. Obtain Claim Number From Insurance

2. Book in at AllBrand Caravan Services

3. AllBrand Picks up Damaged Van

4. AllBrand Delivers Repaired Van

At AllBrand we work with all major Insurance Companies weekly.

Approved Caravan Repairer
Making it easy - when you need it most!

Don’t let an accident ruin your holiday! Insurance companies have helped make the whole repair process a lot easier.

All you need to do is obtain a claim number and then bring the caravan into AllBrand Caravan Services.

Either notify the insurance company when it happens, or as soon as you return then follow the easy steps shown above.

You will be back enjoying your trip in no time!

Delivering Quality Repairs at a Reasonable Price.

AllBrand Caravan Services specialise in getting the job done right. This means you can focus on what’s really important – getting back on the great open road.

AllBrand is a caravan insurance repair workshop, with staff that know intimately how to restore your caravan to its original state. Due to our reputation for consistent use of silicone and wall adhesive, many vans leave our workshop with a better seal in the long term.

Caravans, unlike cars, are easier to straighten out after an accident as they are built with more separate components than a car and these aren’t all bolted together like on a car.

A typical caravan accident involves a bump to the external wall. We remove the cladding and cut out the damaged framework. This framework is either timber or aluminium, and, once this damaged section is removed the original space returns (i.e. unlike a car where it has transferred through the complete metal body) so an accident doesn’t tend to leave a twisted caravan. We religiously use silicone for sealing of all windows and edgemoulds which results in a seal that will last years.

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