Guidelines for generator use

A generator is great for adding the comforts of home to your caravanning or camping holiday, but you need to use it mindfully.

Caravanning in more remote locations can be an excellent way to relax and escape the stress of everyday life. But sometimes you miss certain home comforts such as the laptop, stereo, fridge, microwave or even a TV. You can solve that by taking a portable generator on your trip.

But before you get that fridge running or music blaring, keep in mind that some locations have restrictions in place. In national parks and forest areas or campsites, there are often limits on noise levels, meaning that only low-decibel generators (usually up to 2.0 Kva, with a maximum noise level output of up to 65dB at 7m) are acceptable.

Noisy generators not only have the potential to disturb fellow campers and caravanners, but also the local wildlife. If you think your generator may produce too much noise, consider alternative ways to power your gadgets such as solar panels, batteries, or in-car chargers.

Generators also run the risk of starting a wildfire, so make sure they are not near any fuel, dry grass or combustible materials while you are using them.

Find out more about using a generator safely, and where you can use them in Queensland, here.