Gas Heaters for Your Caravan

When you’re on the road or especially off the road, a gas heater can be the perfect partner … keeping you warm whether you have electricity available or not.

Caravan gas heating offers effective and efficient performance thanks to their high level of efficiency and low power consumption. With low exhaust emissions making them extremely kind to the environment, and the systems can be very quiet which also enhances your travel.

We can supply and fit gas heaters and other solutions from a wide variety of brands and models. Allbrand Caravan Services can even advise you on a good fit for your van.

Some of the systems and options available are discussed and shown in this video below.

An Example

The Trumatic E 2400 is a new addition on the Australia RV scene, but has been around for years in Europe. It is a g

reataddition to the heating options available for Motor-homes and Caravans, particularly those that don’t already have diesel tanks.

It’s possible to get combination gas and electric heaters which add extra flexibility because these heaters can be used in either gas or electric mode or even in a mixture of the two which can reduce the initial time to heat.

If you choose an air blown heater that operates on LPG gas then you may need to consider if you require a larger gas bottle source to provide enough gas for heating as well as cooking.


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