Adding Air-Conditioning to Your Caravan for Winter and Summer

Reverse cycle air-conditioning in a small space like a caravan or a motorhome is something most people see as an essential accessory rather than an optional one these days in Australia.

At Allbrand Caravan Services we regularly install all types of air-conditioners and can supply and fit one to your caravan that will ensure your holiday is comfortable. At powered sites, air-conditioning allows your living areas to be

as comfortable as you may have come to expect from your own home and makes holidays possible that you would have previously avoided.

Most air-conditioners mount onto the roof of the vehicle and come in a range of profiles and sizes. On the inside there are a variety of fittings which either ducked down into a cabinet or simply sit on the ceiling. Modern systems have remote controls with timers and can keep your space warm in colder areas will cool when it’s hot outside.

If you have an existing system which is not functioning correctly you can give us a call and we can talk through the range of options for repair or replacement.

Call Allbrand Caravan Services on 07 – 3869 2969 to discuss how to keep your vehicle’s temperature perfect for your next holiday.